Bibinjski Mlikaric Beach


Bibinjski Mlikaric Beach is a pebble beach located in a slightly private bay bordered by tall trees (which provide natural shade), so it is almost never crowded. The sea here is clean, warm and relatively shallow, and also the entrance to the sea is gentle, so the beach is suitable for families with children and the elderly. Hidden from the public eye, this beach is a bit wild, so you will not find additional facilities or restaurants on it and nearby. Be sure to bring with you everything you need to spend a day at the beach and enjoy the silence, peace and crystal clear sea.

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What I loved most about the beach was the less number of people around which made me enjoy the fullness of swimming in the warm and clean water whole afternoon. There are also some tall pine trees around for some shade if needed
I loved that the beach was not overcrowded which was such an ideal to have my own privacy as well as enjoy the uninterrupted view of the sea. There were no hotels around which was a let-down but everything else was amazing
I brought here my family and the had a lot of fun playing in the shallow beach. The sea was clean and warm . I would advise you to carry everything you need since there are no facilities around. It also does not have a lot of people. I love it.
very good!!!
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