Sulterovo Beach


Sulterovo beach is a pebble-concrete beach and after a few meters when you enter the sandy sea. Next to the beach there are trees that provide shade in summer for all swimmers who want to avoid the sun. If you want to refresh the nearest cafes you can find on the beach Skaljica and Karabani, only a hundred meters to the south and north and you can find restaurants in the old village, 5 minutes walk from the beach.


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I loved swimming in these cool and clear waters. I enjoyed the tall trees that offered natural shade while swimming. also, I enjoyed basking in the sun on the pebble-concrete beach in this location.
Sulterovo beach has this beautiful benches that actually people can sit on when enjoying what mother nature have to offer. The waters in this beach is blue and the sand soft like feather. such a wonderful place
I enjoyed visiting this pebble-concrete beach with a sansy sea as you enter. There are trees that offer shade foe any visitor wnating to relax away from the summer heat, I enjoyed swimming here. There are cafes near teh beach for refreshments with restaurants in the old village,a five minute walk from the beach.
very good!!!
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