The Heritage Museum of Biograd na Moru


The Heritage Museum of Biograd na Moru sits near the shoreline of the town, overlooking the port. It is the town’s single and most important cultural institution, all the more important since it has been declared a cultural heritage. The construction of the museum building took place during the late 18th and early 19th century, in a spot where medieval walls once stood.

The Heritage Museum is a home to several archaeological collections, among them most notably The Collection of the Cargo from a sunken 16th century vessel. This collections contains over 10.000 items found on a Venetian merchant ship that sank in 1583, in the Pashman Channel, south of Biograd na moru. As it so often happens, it was discovered accidentally, by fishermen, in 1967, after going undetected for centuries. This collection is definitely worth having a look at since some of the items are quite the luxury, most notably the small mirrors that were made in the Murano Glass workshops in Venice.

The museum also houses a general archaeological collection and an ethnographic collection, and has a lovely collection of paintings as well.

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