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Biograd na moru is a charming Dalmatian resort soaked in the Mediterranean atmosphere of pine trees, sun and sea, in that relaxed way that seems to slow down time. Although this town is quiet and mild in nature, it doesn’t mean that you will not have a great time here, whether you like sightseeing, enjoy the beach, or prefer an active vacation. We have selected twelve locations that will help you get to know Biograd and have a fantastic vacation there. 1. The Heritage museum of Biograd na moru This museum is the most important cultural institution in Biograd and has several different artefact collections on display. The star of the museum is athe collection that houses items found on a sunken Venetian merchant ship from the 16th century. 2. The Church of Saint Anastasia Saint Anastasia has been the patron saint of the town of Biograd since the 10th century. Her holiday is celebrated on January 15, and her church is also the parish church of the Biograd area. 3. The Church of Saint Rocco This charming church is located in the center of Biograd, and is dedicated to St. Rocco, who, according to the legend, saved Biograd from the plague. The story says Roko was the heir to a rich noble family, but distributed all his wealth to the needy and the poor. His holiday is celebrated in August, with a mass and a procession through the streets of Biograd. 4. The ruins of the Church of Saint John the Evangelist This basilica was built by the order of the Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV. and given to the Benedictine monks, who, in turn, founded their monastery in it. It was destroyed by the Venetians in the 12th century, and the remains can still be seen in the center of Biograd, as a testimony to the turbulent past of this coastal town. 5. The Church of Saint John the Baptist This church is the youngest church in Biograd, built in the late eighties of the twentieth century. There are no restrictions regarding religious ceremonies here, so it is open twenty-four hours a day. 6. Adventure park Biograd If you’re looking to get your adrenaline running, be sure to visit this sports park. It has made the most of its location in order to provide visitors with a handful of adventurous activities. In addition to fantastic ziplining rides and a number of other activities, you can also try archery here. 7. Fun Park Biograd If you prefer classic amusement park entertainment, stop by the Fun Park Biograd. It literally has themed worlds full of rides rides, fast or slow, whichever you prefer. While taking a break you will be entertained by jugglers and magicians. The park is equipped with catering facilities and a souvenir shop. 8. Drazhice beach This beach is suitable for an entire day’s visit with the family. In addition to restaurants and cafes, it offers a great selection of water sports activities. It is the bearer of the Blue Flag so you’ll have no doubts about the quality of its sea and the accessibility to all its amenities and facilities. 9. Soline beach The best feature of this beach is its sandy terrain that extends into the seabed, as well. This makes it a great choice for families with children and the elderly, but also a good option for non-swimmers. It is a perfect place for beach volleyball and ‘picigin’, followed by a nice nap in the deep shade of the pine trees. 10. Lumbrak beach Lumbrak beach will make a great option if you want to get away from the crowds. It is a little harder to reach but definitely worth the walk because, once you get to it, you will rest in the shade of untouched Mediterranean forest, sheltered by rocks. 11. Crvena Luka Bay (The Red Port Bay) Just five kilometers south of Biograd sits a beautiful cove worthy of a visit especially if you want to enjoy the slightly wild Mediterranean landscape of pine trees with all of the usual additional beach amenities and facilities at hand. 12. The Vransko Lake Since you are already in Biograd (and especially if you are heading to Lumbrak beach or Crvena Luka) why not visit the Vransko Lake? Due to its great biodiversity, this place has been declared a nature park and an ornithological reserve. A visit to this lake will be a special experience: you will be walking in a Mediterranean swamp just a kilometer away from the Adriatic Sea.

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We enjoyed our stay at Soline beach that favoured both me, my kids and my elderly mom. After playing volleyball at the beach, we took a nap under the shades of pine tree. Thanks to the guide for directing me to this wonderful place.
The direction provided for Lumbrak Beach by the guide was really helpful during my travel. I loved the serenity and ambiance present in this location. The dense pine forest provides a cool shade for relaxing.
We were entertained by jugglers and magicians at the Park and it was a perfect way to relax and refresh my mind,soul and body. At the souvenir shop we bought lots of souvenirs to take back home. Thanks to the guide for giving us an unforgettable vacation.
I was looking for a place to visit in Biograd, with my family and friends. We were thinking of visiting the Solin beach and adventure park. I found Biograd in the well defined guide and saw that this park had many attractions and they were easy to get to as well! We loved it, we will go again
My family and i wanted to get out of town to relax and reset in a calm and quiet atmosphere. Fortunately, we came across this guide which was super useful. We had a great time and went for sightseeing. The beaches are clean and relaxing.
We visited the sports park and engaged in a handful of adventurous activities such as ziplining activities. I also tried archery as suggested by the guide and i was not disappointed, it was a fantastic activity. Am glad i followed the guidelines of the guide.
It was pleasant to learn the great history about St Rocco who saved Biograd from the plague. The guide was elaborative of how Roko despite being from a noble family, distributed his wealth to the needy and poor. Such a wonderful narrative to listen to.