Lumbrak Beach


Lumbrak Beach sits in a small bay on the south of Biograd, in the direction of the village Pakoštane and not far from the Red Port Beach.

This beach is a gem that is not easy to reach. You can’t drive directly to it, but the walk from the parking space will be worth it since the beach is rather secluded even in the busiest summer months. The absence of crowds and the dense pine forest that creates huge amounts of natural shade make this beach perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy privacy and solitude.

The terrain is mostly rocky here, but the main part of the beach is made of pebbles and you will find enough of sand to make yourself comfortable. It has a shallow and sandy seabed and a nice selection of underwater flora (and sea urchins) which will make snorkeling a lovely experience.

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By the fact that lumbrak beach had snorkeling made it so worth visiting. The water too was clean and the view screamed for a selfie. I also got a nice parking space with adequate security.
Getting out of my comfort zone and trying snorkeling was quite worth it. Lumbrak beach was calm and best for some alone time with your thoughts or some good music. It was very beautiful and had a cool breeze that was well enjoyed on the pebbles or the sand under the great shade from the pine trees.I really felt rejuvenated after visiting this place.
Lumbrak beach is an amazing place. Clean well manicured gardens right before you enter the beach. Once you enter beach that's when you experience the magic. Cool breeze welcomes you to the beautiful place. I spend majority of my time with my friends and making new friends. Must say the people in this region are super friendly and awesome people. It's a nice place.
very good!!!
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