On the island of Pashman you have another wonderful place, Mrljane. Here, as in most places on the island, you have a long sandy beach with a large number of deciduous tamaris bushes. Here you have a large space to relax, engage in outdoor activities, enjoy From Mrljan there is a view of the islet of Garmenjak and the Pashman Channel. If you come by boat, you can look for a berth in a protected harbor. Actonic old town at the foot of the hill Semich, where the church of St. Anthony of Padua. In the place Mrljane, you will not miss recreation, relaxation and rest in the nearby cave Pod Semichem. The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars.

№45 in Cities of Croatia

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I enjoyed and loved spending time on these sandy beaches. It is a really long beach with plenty of space. I kids really enjoyed playing all sorts of ball games on these beach. The had an amazing moment.
very good!!!
Swimming in its waters was so therapeutic. I loved its beaches. It was so calm and serene with a perfect weather. My visit to the Pod Semichem was so chilling. Resting in it was really nice.
The sandy beaches in this location offered a vast area for relaxation. I enjoyed basking in the bright sun as the kids engaged in the beach games in this location. I loved the fact that there were tamaris bushes around which provided ample space.
I enjoyed spending my evening at the cave pod Semichen. Watching the sunset with my fiance and taking in the beautiful nature of the open waters was the peak of my experience. I will visit again soon and bring my sister along.
The view of the town above was really good, i had a drone camera and really enjoyed good views of the vast sea and the town at night. The villas here are also very affordable and available you can't miss a spot at this place
The island was a wonderful getaway for me and my friends. We enjoyed walking in the quiet streets and taking group photos with the locals, and went ahead and explored the cave. It was really fruitful