The town of Barotul on the island of Pashman has found the beautiful bay of Taline, where it is located. Very often the beautiful surroundings enchant visitors. This place has a beautiful sandy beach through which you can walk to the place next to Barotul. Opposite the bay is the uninhabited island of Garmenjak which is closest to the island of Pasman, which can be reached on foot during low tide, which is very attractive for all who want to explore untouched nature.Clean sea and dense pine forest are almost inseparable and will allow everyone to breathe fresh air. In addition to the natural beauty, Barotul will captivate you with various activities that you can do, such as cycling, walking, activities at sea and hanging out with friends and family for travel. The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars.

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very good!!!
The clean sea and the dense pine forest offered us with breathtaking fresh air and a lovely atmosphere which made our stay here conducive. I indulged in many activities during my three day stay which include, cycling, walking and activities at the sea such as boat riding. I loved walking barefoot on the sandy beach.
This town is on the Island of Prashman. I enjoyed a long walk by the sea with my friends. It was a wonderful experience. We made a lot of memories. The nature of this place is untouched and its population is small.
Exciting place with lots of activities to do when on a vacation and me and my family went for a vacation at the place and enjoyed the experience. We went cycling around the place and the kids enjoyed the activity. Refreshing times and happy moments with my family.
The untouched nature and fresh air in this place left me craving for more. I loved the beautiful bay this place has and the surroundings were also great.