The town of Barotul on the island of Pashman has found the beautiful bay of Taline, where it is located. Very often the beautiful surroundings enchant visitors. This place has a beautiful sandy beach through which you can walk to the place next to Barotul. Opposite the bay is the uninhabited island of Garmenjak which is closest to the island of Pasman, which can be reached on foot during low tide, which is very attractive for all who want to explore untouched nature.Clean sea and dense pine forest are almost inseparable and will allow everyone to breathe fresh air. In addition to the natural beauty, Barotul will captivate you with various activities that you can do, such as cycling, walking, activities at sea and hanging out with friends and family for travel. The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars.

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very good!!!
This was the best camping site in this place. We camped here for 3 days and undertook several activities. I loved ferry riding the most. I made new friends who taught me how to fish.
We came here with the car we hired and it was ferried through with us. We drove in the island and the views of the nature was magnificent. We parked and took some bicycles and went even further to explore the island fresh air and vegetation. It was an awesome experience
As a couple we loved walking along the warm sandy beaches while holding our hands together. We took a walk to the island of Garmenjak and the untouched nature was amazingly beautiful especially for its green colour. It was really beautiful
My friends and I reached the island through a ferry from port Zadar. We had a cycling competition in Barotul and it was a remarkable experience. The breath of fresh air from the dense pine forest was very pure.
This Town is located on the Island of Pashman. The people here were really hospitable. Its beautiful sandy beaches just stands out. Walking on the sandy beaches was such a lovely experience.
Walking by the beaches of this town was really relaxing. I had an amazing moments with my friends. This town is really small with beautiful scenery and buildings. I had a relaxing moment in this town. Fantastic.