Mali Pashman


Mali Pashman is located on the island of Pashman. With its special charm and autochthony, and the fact that it is the only place on the island that is not on the sea, it will be interesting to anyone who wants to merge with nature. Little Pashman is decorated with the church of St. Roch from 1631.
The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars, and you can walk or rent bicycles.

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very good!!!
We reached here by a ferry from the port of Zadar. It was here where i merged with the nature , its beauty is scenic and enchanting. The ambience and lovely atmosphere characterize the uniqueness of this place.
This place is located on the Island of Pashman. Its most unique feature is the Church Of St. Roch. It is a very old church. It was built in the 17th Century. Its architectural structure is so beautiful. This island is quite rocky but the ambience is peaceful.
A taste of nature and the amazing views are the welcoming things that we had at Mali Pashman. We loved the church at the place and it was a peaceful and relieving place for us all that went on a trip to the place.
This place really impressed me to an extent that I've gone there twice this year. It has a cool and relaxing atmosphere and I liked how it is the only place not on the sea.