Mali Pasman


Mali Pasman is located on the island of Pashman. With its special charm and autochthony, and the fact that it is the only place on the island that is not on the sea, it will be interesting to anyone who wants to merge with nature. Little Pashman is decorated with the church of St. Roch from 1631.The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars, and you can walk or rent bicycles.

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very good!!!
This place was my favorite. I loved the serenity of the environment which cooled my nerves. I loved the walks around the town where I met locals who were friendly and helpful. I enjoyed taking pictures with them and they even invited me to enjoy delicious local dishes with them.
We rented bicycles to reach this place and it was great exploring the area on the bicycle. I loved the scenic beauty of the place and the topography of this area. Best suitable for nature lovers.
The Church of St Roch was good for our spiritual nourishment. From outside the decorations of the Church are an eye catcher. Inside the church, i loved the spectacular views of the interior design of the church, the colours blended well. Ideal place for art lovers.
The lovely ambience and the enchanting beauty of this location characterize the uniqueness of this place. What i loved most about it, is that it is only place not near the sea. An oasis of peace and tranquility it was.
Charming place that we enjoyed when we visited and we had the best time. We went cycling through the landscape and it was fabulous as we witnessed of the marvel that nature had to offer. It was refreshing and therapeutic as well as fun throughout the whole period.
We reached here by a ferry from the port of Zadar. It was here where i merged with the nature , its beauty is scenic and enchanting. The ambience and lovely atmosphere characterize the uniqueness of this place.