The highest peak on the island of Pasman is Bokolje, and below it is Dobropoljana. Here you have a long beach that has everything you could want. Here you can swim and enjoy beautiful walks with sea air and the beauty of this place. The view of the Pashman channel that stretches from Dobropoljana is indescribable, and even more wonderful are the sunsets that you can experience only in this place.All recreationists here have the opportunity to do sea sports, cycling, running, hiking and mountaineering on the hill Bokolj where there is a beautiful lookout. If you come by sea, you can look for a berth in the port located in the center. Enjoying gastronomic delicacies and local indigenous products are an unavoidable part of the offer. Dobropoljana is a place of adventure, fun, socializing and the beauty of the Dalmatian way of life in accordance with tradition, culture and nature. The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars.

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very good!!!
Our stay in Dobropaljana was good. We got a chance to book the best hotels that were beuautiful. The hotels are self contained.
I went for a boat trip in the rivers of this place .The color of water was amazing. So beautiful
The sea organ in Dobropoljana is outstanding because of true nature of sea waves.I enjoyed music as I stroll around. It was a moment tht will live in my memories.
Watching the sunset from the balcony of my hotel room was a source of peace and calmness for me. It was beautiful how the rays of the sun formed such an amazing scene on the water surface. It's one of those views not to miss.
During ng our class trip to the place, we loved swimming at the sea with the help of the floaters. WThe sandy beach was also a great place to play the recreational games for example building castles using sandy. We had unforgettable experiences.
We arrived here by ferry and the experience was mind blowing since i had never been on one. I was on a business trip and i learned a lot about the people in this place and their cultures, i also got to network with people from same and different fields from mine. It's an amazing place to visit.