On the island of Pashman, Zdrelac is the largest place. It is located right next to the bridge that connects Pashman with Ugljan. Here you can find four beautiful beaches with everything you need for a good vacation. The view from the bridge is something not to be missed If you come by sea, in Zdrelac you can look for a berth in several small moorings, and the main port is located in the center. Zdrelac offers long walks, countless opportunities for running and cycling, various activities at sea and gastronomic enjoyment of organically grown food. and the old stone core of the place which is a witness to the autochthonous stone construction of the island of Pashman.For those who want a combination of sea air and greenery, there is a pine forest located near the center.One day is not enough to visit and feel all that this place can offer, so be prepared because Zdrelac is a place that conquers. The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars.

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very good!!!
The people are so warm and greet you with a smile. This made us enjoy interacting with them and getting opinion on what activities to partake.
The best memory of my solo trip was when I went kayaking. The waves were calm and I really enjoyed it spending more hours in the water.
Evening cruises with my girlfriend were magical experiences.. We got to learn fishing and enjoyed the view of the setting sun.
I was so impressed by the clean streets, bins were situated everywhere. it is such a clean place that it definetly made me happy.
I visited the restaurant and was quite suprised by the wide variety on the menu. I was extremely elated when I saw the Vegan menu as it's rare in some places.
it is a place you will want to visit over and over again.