Banj is located on the island of Pashman, it is a place for special enjoyment of the way of life of Dalmatia, gastronomic tradition and beautiful beauties. It is a place you will want to visit many times. It is adorned with a sandy beach where you can enjoy the sun and natural shade Apart from the part by the sea, Banj also has an autochthonous old stone core and the church of Our Lady of Loreto, which is located on the hill Bokolj. Bokolj hill, which has a hiking and walking trail on the hill, as well as many other opportunities, such as running in nature, long walks by the sea, cycling, enjoying sea sports or meditation in hidden places by the sea. really awaken all your senses and get a special desire to come back in. So be prepared, Banj is waiting for you! The place can be reached by ferry from the port of Zadar, which transports both passengers and cars.

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very good!!!
I enjoyed the sun and natural shade at the sandy beaches in this place.I took a long a walk by the sea and it was the perfect therapy to awaken my senses. The autochthonous old stone core made me appreciate the good works of architects who built it.
I loved this town. Its architectural structures and planning was amazing. I enjoyed hiking up the hill to see the Church of Our Lady of Loreto. It was a divine experience. The nature was wonderful. The church was marvelous.
We visited the place using the ferry that we boarded and it was already an amazing experience. On reaching the place we enjoyed watching the water sports activities that were entertaining and competitive.
I had a memorable time hiking on the many trails on the hills and the view is also breathtaking. Taking walks by the sea was also romantic. I will be definitely coming back.