Kornati National Park


The Kornati National Park between Shibenik and Zadar is a spectacular archipelago that includes 109 mostly uninhabited islands, islets, reefs and rocky rocks scattered like jewels on an area of ​​224 km2. According to legend, the gods created the Kornati archipelago from the tears of the stars. and on the last day they gave the sea a blueness to caress them Indeed, this archipelago of multitude of islets leaves the impression of pearls scattered on the glass floor.The sharp, almost lunar magic of the island still enchants.It is a sailor's paradise.
On the southwest side of the coast of the Kornati islands are marked by steep cliffs or "crowns" that make the coast unique and dramatic.
Two buildings that are extremely important for the history of mankind in this area were built in the 6th century. At the top above the field is the fortress Tureta, intended for the supervision of the waterway through the Kornati channel. At the foot of the hill, next to the coast, there is a medieval church of St. Mary and with it the imposing remains of a large early Christian church.
The largest island (32 km2) is Kornat, and the main settlement on the island is Vrulje. Although uninhabited, there are several dozen houses that can be rented, and several restaurants are open in the summer. In addition, sleepy swelling is cultivated for olives, figs, grapes and citrus. Here you can have a very active vacation - hiking, diving, swimming and snorkeling.
Sailors can take shelter in numerous protected bays, but the main marina is on Piskera with 120 berths. There are no ferries between Kornati and the mainland. You can get to the national park by your boat, but you need to buy tickets to enter the park. If you do not have your own boat, you can book a trip from Zadar, which is the closest capital to the national park.

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Kornati National Park
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Kornati National Park
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The scattered rocks like jewel, uninhabited islands and islets were some of the sights my eyes glanced at and loved to see more oftenly. The narrative of how Kornati was formed the tears of the stars was interesting and worth listening to. We had a very active vacation here, we involved in activities such as snorkelling, diving and swimming during our 3 day trip .
We toured the steep cliffs that make the coast unique and dramatic through sailing across the bay by a boat. We also some grapes and citrus grown on the Island. The interiors of the Medieval Church of St Mary are to die for.
very good!!!