Cuscica bay


Cuscica bay hides the beach of the same name, which is not popular among tourists because it is inaccessible from the coast, but that is why it is often visited by boaters who love peace, quiet and good time. The sea here is calm, clean and pleasantly warm. There is also a restaurant on the beach that you can visit when the sun gets too strong.

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Dugi Island

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The peace and quiet here is so therapeutic. I enjoyed the aura of being alone since there were very few people here. There is also a restaurant that gives you good shade and nice meals. It is so peaceful here.
Several things stood out for me while I was there, the peaceful and calmness nature of the beach was just unmatched and perfect place to have some good time. The sea was also very clean and nice for swimming
I loved that the beach was not crowded and was a great destination to have some good alone time while reading my novel from a nearby restaurant enjoying the cool breeze from the sea
very good!!!
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