Beach cave Brbiscica Golubinka


Golubinka Cave is a natural phenomenon located on the island of Brach. Brbishchica beach is located right next to the cave and together with it offers its visitors a beautiful landscape to spend summer days. The beach has a pebble character and is suitable for families with small children and young people. This whole area is well preserved and arranged, and due to the proximity of the cave on the beach there are no additional facilities and facilities, so take with you everything you need to spend a day on the beach. You can only visit the cave by sea, so by swimming or diving, embark on a real little adventure!



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The presence of a cave near the beach was the best experience I have ever encountered while visiting beaches. Equipped with diving instruments we accessed the cave and the shinning water reflected the light inside the cave causing the sparkling effect which was spectacular! Will be visiting there every summer
I took my family here for our vacation and the pebbly nature of the sea was amazing. We enjoyed swimming and diving in the sea. There was also a cave there which makes the landscape beautiful.
Being surrounded by beautiful landscape and pebbles along the beach, the place is just phenomenal and eye catching. I took a lot of pictures for the memory of how elegant the place was. Will like to visit again
very good!!!
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