Juzna luka Beach


Juzna luka Beach on Ugljan is one of the most beautiful beaches on this island in the Zadar archipelago. If you have rented an apartment, room or holiday home in Ugljan, you will find the South Port 3 kilometers from the village of Ugljan, in Donje selo, on the northwest coast of the island overlooking the island of Iz in the distance. You will easily recognize it because it is located in a long bay, it is adorned with golden sand, and everywhere on the beach from the sand spring smooth boulders that caress mine for centuries. There are no additional facilities here, and yet the beach is popular in the summer months, so hurry to take your place to enjoy the beauties of Ugljan and the Adriatic coast.

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Even though there were no restaurants or entertainment centers, the beach still holds on its own with the beautiful warm sand and super nice breeze. There is also a beautiful view of the coastline.
This is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. The sand is so pretty it looks golden. It has many people mostly during the summer and the sandy bottom of the sea feels nice walking on.
The beach is a bit crowded because it is closer to apartments so most people love to spend their time there. The long warm sand around the beach was fun to walk on only that there are no shower cabins to clean yourself.
very good!!!
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