Mala Sabusa Beach


Mala Sablusa beach is a pebble beach located on the beautiful island of Ugljan and is very popular among the population. The sea is clean and warm, as evidenced by the Blue Flag award. Several local cafes are located right next to the beach where you will find refreshment from the sun.


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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

23271, Kukljica


(4 reviews)
We really enjoy visiting this place every year. The clean sea is evident since you can see the bottom of the sea through it. There is lots of people here and it fun meeting new people. There are also many cafes and restaurants which serve meals with great offers .
I enjoyed swimming in the beach because of how warm the water was. The clear and clean water elevated the overall experience something you don't experience every time. The restaurant food was also good
The food from the restaurants was super delicious as we enjoyed the beautiful view from the super clean sea water. The air was so fresh and the sun was very ideal for sunbathing. It is a five stars place
very good!!!
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