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Just a few nautical miles from Zadar, you will find the pearl of the Adriatic also known as the island of olives, and it got its name from the word "oil" because of that. The island of Ugljan has seven settlements, the largest of which is Ugljan specifically for its relief characteristics Ugljan is just a short 25-minute boat trip across the Zadar Channel, a green, mountainous island covered with olive groves and dotted with small fishing ports.
This island has become popular for the escape of Zadar for the weekend that come because of the beaches, bike paths and hiking trails.
.Ugljan is 24km long from northwest to southeast and at its widest point it reaches only 4km.The mild east side facing Zadar is more crowded, while the uninhabited west side is rugged and steep.Through the island residents go fishing, they grow olives and grapes and take care of visitors.
On the island itself there are several places to visit - Preko, Kali, Kukljica, Ugljan. You can rent bikes and go through each of them.
Jadrolinija has regular ferries for cars and passengers from Zadar to Ugljan.

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very good!!!
The moment i stepped out of the boat my feet loved the fine sands and warm waters, the barbecue was amazing and the music was enticing
Well, we love this place. My wife and I had the opportunity to tour through the countryside recently, and no visit to this part of the world is complete without a day spent at The Island of Iglijan. We loved exploring the island and picnicking along the beach. It was great for children, with the playground and nature trails."
I visited the seven villages in the north east part of the Island and loved the way the locals were friendly and taught me about their culture.
The sunset view from the island and the breeze hit different , it was like a therapy session for me and i most definitely loved it
The island had such a colourful beach, i enjoyed walking on it barefooted, the trees and the view were also beautiful
We enjoyed the visit to the island and the view from the ruins was spectacular. We went swimming at the sea and had alot of fun
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