Church of St. Peter (Poljane, Preko)


Today, in the center of Poljana, there is a newer church where people go to Mass, but the first and very old church was located 2 km away from today. There you can find parts of the church that belonged to a building built in the XIII century on "Franina punta". Historically, the church was rebuilt and renovated, it was in the Romanesque style, like all the sacred buildings of that time. So far, only one sign of the Baroque alteration has been left, which it received between the 15th and 18th centuries - a bell tower and a circular window at the entrance with a façade. Studying the church, carved crosses were found on the door jambs, a Roman inscription in the connector and the cover, which tells us that it could belong to the early Christian period. Also, there used to be a cemetery next to the church that was removed, and now there is a beach on that place.

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Punta 25, 23273, Poljana


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