Monastery of St. Pavle Pustinjak


The monastery was named after the patron saint of Pauline monks, who previously stayed in the church in the same place and later went to Hungary. Four hundred years ago the monastery was like an infirmary and there they cared for people with plague, and therefore still an island with his name Galevac or Shkoljich is sometimes called Lazaret.
The monastery once had a famous printing house where Croatian patriotic texts were printed with the help of the Croatian revivalist Ivo Prodan. After the First World War, the printing house had to be relocated due to Italian rule at the time, but later returned and operated for decades. Unfortunately, after the Second World War, Tito's pertizans destroyed the printing house, but its remains still remain on the territory of the monastery. Ivo Prodan himself was buried in the cemetery next to the monastery.

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I took my wife and 2 kids to Pavle Puntinjak. The monastery was a great place for the family. There is plenty of room to walk around the monastery and marvel at the beautiful stonework carved into the mountainside. It is located right next to Plitvice National Park, and while you are at the monastery you can look down into the valley.
The Tour at the monastery led us to the amazing sculptures and the fabulous art and paintings on the walls of the church that are awesome and we loved them.
I loved the view of the town from the island during the evening sunset, the buildings were so bright and had an orange colour
The monastery was so calm and quiet, i visited there to calm my mind as i walked through the old geezer, it was so relaxing and charming place, the building was cool i liked it
Great architectural building that occupies the monastery and we loved our tour on the amazing place.
We had a visit to the cemetery at the monastery and it was amazing. Totally loved the place
I enjoyed the boat ride to the place, it had great paintings and wonderful statue designs, the top view gives you a glimpse of the whole island the town across the sea
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