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Designed by architect Nikola Bashich and opened in April 2005, the Sea organ records the movement of waves and turns them into music. It is an unusual sound that evokes the sea, wind and sky. Even without music, the white marble stairs that descend into the sea are extraordinarily beautiful and make the perfect place to watch Zadar's beautiful sunsets.

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Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV, 23000, Zadar


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very good!!!
My boys and i loved exploring the underground of the waters, it was fun to dive through as we touched items underneath. In the afternoons we enjoyed boat surfing across the beach. Our kids loved to walk barefoot on the sandy beach.The bays and inlets offer a quiet time especially for young lovers. Overall, i loved the serenity and tranquility of the cape.
Fascinating architectural engineering of the musical installment that we enjoyed on our date at the place that produces a sweet soothing orchestra. We enjoyed the views of the sparkling ocean from the shores especially on sunsets. Impressive walks on the morning and evening that we enjoyed a stroll along the ocean and it was refreshing. We visited some other restaurants and had the chanxce to enjooys some delicious and fingerlicking dishes offered as well as drinks.
Listening to the music emanating from the sea was an entertaining experience for me and my kids.
This is a wonderful place for the family to visit, with many things to do. We went for long walks in the evenings and enjoyed the sunsets. we had a blast and would return to visit
Magical place that we visited with wonderful views of the sea and relaxing spots. I enjoyed the unique sound orchestra from the organ pipes and waves. Absolutely phenomenal.
The sea organ makes sounds only at high tide, the rest of the time it looks like steps going into the water. But a lot of people gather there regardless of whether the sounds are audible or not. There you can sit and relax after a walk, or even swim.
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