Our Lady of Health Park


From the Church of Our Lady of Health to Three Wells Square, built between the cistern, the Arsenal, the theater and the Church of Our Lady of Health, stretches the Park of Our Lady of Health. The square of three wells, from the Middle Ages, dates back to when the Venetians built a fortress with a defensive canal. A larger swarm of houses was demolished to create a clearing in front of the fort. Then, in 1570, a cistern with three well crowns was built on the site of the defensive canal. Later, a smaller church of Our Lady of the Castle was built here. In 1865, the New Theater was built and this part of the city gained in importance, which the city fathers used to green the square and the surrounding area. It is assumed that the park itself was erected later, since only small trees in sprouting can be seen in the photographs from 1885. Mediterranean species of plants, shrubs and trees are represented in the park itself.

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Ul. Perivoj Gospe od zdravlja


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