Vladimir Nazor Park


In the park, paths are lined with stone sandstone and boar, benches and lighting have been installed. According to the draft from 1906. the ground floor was richly planted, and there was a rich collection of roses in it. Cypress alleys are still visible today, as are century-old pines and some other species. Only the laurels eventually grew from the bushes into large trees and began to dominate the park, and covered the somewhat floral ground floor with a dense set of canopies. The park was entered through the former entrances to the fort on the west and east sides. As the fort was once surrounded by defensive canals with the sea and the sea coast, the park was also called "Green Island". The eastern canal was buried before the opening of the park, while the western one, between the Grimani bastion, ie the City Park, and the Forte, ie the Blažeković Park, still existed.

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Perivoj Vladimira Nazora, 23000, Zadar


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