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The center of life of the city of Zadar got its first forms in the Middle Ages. Today there is the City Administration, with the City Lodge, built in 1565, the City Guard from 1562, and the City Hall, more recently from 1934. The City Lodge served is for various public gatherings, and as a vault in which municipal measures for length, weight and volume were kept.The city guard today serves as an exhibition space.In the 18th century a watchtower was added to the guard, which has been operating continuously since 1803. The chandelier, which you will notice, was erected in honor of the hundredth anniversary of the first electric light bulb in Zadar in 1894. The old papers describe the great civic joy:
The crowd gathered in the Lord's Square was huge, when - exactly when it was 8 o'clock - a large electric ball with a strength of 1,000 candles was planned, and a white, silvery, calm light illuminated the whole square, bright as in broad daylight. It is interesting that Zadar has had night lighting since 1520. The oldest monument within the square is the church of St. Lawrence from the 11th century. On National square, in 1730, then still called Piazza del Signori, Josip Carceninga opened the first Zadar café, thus beginning a long tradition of Zadar cafes and drinking coffee on National square.

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