St Simeon's Church


This architecturally and visually extremely interesting church from the 17th century is a harmony of as many as three cultural periods. Initially as an early Christian basilica with three naves, it then underwent a transformation in the Gothic style, to eventually become a landmark of the provincial Baroque. Inside is a real small goldsmith's treasure of enormous value, decorated with a silver chest of St. Šime made in 1380 by order of Queen Elizabeth in order to store the body of the Zadar saint, the relic of St. Shimei. Scenes from the saint's life are shown on the chest itself. The ark stands proudly on the main altar and every year, on October 8, on the feast of the saint, the coffin is opened and the body of St. Shime is exposed to public display. There are also reliefs depicting scenes from the visit of King Louis I to Zadar. Visitors will notice south of the church a reconstructed part of the history erected in 1729, a Roman pillar, which is actually a junction of the two pillars previously preserved at the Forum.

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