Church of St. Krsevan


The monastery church from the 12th century, of stunning Romanesque art and architecture is a witness to the city's past and religious history. It contains four beautiful statues of white marble representing the saints of Zadar, St. Krševan, St. Simon, St. Anastasia and St. Zoilous, which are located on the baroque altar from 1701. It is divided into three naves and ends with three semicircular apses. The church script also contains important documents important for the history and heritage of the Croats, including a musical record, a gradual from the 1st century. Located in a picturesque setting, it provides a beautiful backdrop for photography and nature observation. Various small restaurants are located near the place where you can take a break and relax. The vibration and serenity that this Romanesque church provides, make it a tourist destination that must be visited. The church is not open to visitors but you can enjoy its beauties from the outside.

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23000, Zadar


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