The forum originated in the 1st century BC and it is amazing how well preserved it is even today. Although it is a bit decorated and refined with some small details, the Forum still radiates a special ambience that takes visitors back to some ancient times when the area was ruled by the Romans.

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23000, Zadar


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Beautiful classical square with awesome medieval historical buildings that we admired when we toured the place. The atmosphere is good and I toured the city and the small museum and the experience was unforgettable.
The atmosphere is good and my tour at the forum marked the end of my days during my vacation. it is relaxing to sit here and you feel one with the history it represents
I attended a conference at the city and visiting the forum, learning g of its ancient history was quite eye opening. it brought to life all the history I learnt at school and myths I had read about
The architectural style and decoration of this location speak into the Roman rule present in this location. I had a lot of fun touring the area and learning more on Roman rule.
We decided to visit Rome for our child's spring break and we spent a few days at each attraction. We loved spending time at the Forum. Our daughter collects bookmarks from the places we visit and now she has one from the forum. The history, culture, and architecture was breathtaking. There are several shops available for souvenirs and snacks.
This area is well preserved considering it was built in the 1st century. Its ancient originality was spectacular. I had an amazing time learning about the Roman rule.
Visiting this place was educating.I learnt more about the Roman rule. The atmosphere of this historical square offers a nice place to relax.
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