Church and monastery of St. Francis of Assisi


The oldest Gothic church in Dalmatia dates from 1359 - and its monastery is even older. Built around 1221, the monastery housed a Franciscan school and the forerunner of the University of Zadar. Although the interior of the church is relatively undecorated, it is worth checking out a painted 12th-century wooden cross and a 16th-century painting of the dead Christ by Jacob Bassan. Be sure to visit the treasury, which is full of rare and historical objects. The sacristy, which continues to the choir, is very important for Croatian history, because in 1358 the Zadar Peace Treaty was concluded between the Venetian Republic and the Hungarian-Croatian King Louis of Anjou, by which the Venetians renounced their claims to Dalmatia. Early Gothic carvings, in the so-called floral Gothic style, and the peace and serenity that permeate this historic building, as well as the rich collections of medieval works of religious art are an unavoidable destination for every visitor.

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