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In the 16th century, Zadar was a vital part of the Venetian Republic and subject to frequent attacks. In response to the rise of the Ottoman Empire, to protect their possessions, Venetian engineers devised an innovative defense system of walls, gates and bastions that survives largely intact to this day.
Although the military purpose of the Zadar walls is evident, there are a handful of decorative elements, especially those reminiscent of Venice. The winged lion of Saint Mark, the symbol of Venice, often appears on reliefs, often paired with the patron saint of Zadar, Saint Chrysogonus. It is an outstanding ensemble representing the best in 16th century military architecture in pioneering Venetian builders. Once a safe haven, today it is a favorite promenade of all visitors to ancient Zadar. The land gates of medieval Zadar were built in 1543 and still exude the same mystique and awe. They were raised high above sea level with the carved figure of Saint Krševan on horseback and the lion of Saint Mark, the coat of arms and symbol of the Venetian Republic, so over time this door became one of the most beautiful monuments and masterpieces of Renaissance architecture.

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very good!!!
This gate has not only a beautiful design, but also a good location. Very close to the center of the old town and there is a large parking lot in front of them. It is very convenient, so every time I arrive, I go through this gate.
The first thing we saw in Zadar was this Gate. The first impression is a "masterpiece with a large winged lion on top"
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