In the 1970s, Varos, better known at the time as Dolina chupova, had a bad reputation. It was a part of town where the common man did not want to stay too long, especially at night. At that time, the town was home to many innkeepers, drunks, prostitutes and the like, and stories say that clay jars were placed in front of the inns, which were used for vomiting and throwing garbage. Today, with its daily routine and especially the night program, Varos is the entertainment center of the city of Zadar. It is adorned by narrow streets imbued with an atmosphere of life and comfort, and it can be freely said that Varos is the exhibition space of Zadar. Numerous cafes and restaurants, outdoor concerts and other various cultural events during the tourist season, put Varos at the top of the list of younger visitors looking for fun.

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