Monastery of St. Jerome


In the center of Ugljan on the famous sandy beach Mostir there is a building which is the Monastery of St. Jerome. A beautiful place that was built in 1430 together with the church of St. Jerome in the Gothic style. The builder is also known - Juraj Lukachi-Zavaliska. Also here is the tombstone of Bishop Shimun Kozhichich Benja, who was the founder of the Glagolitic printing house in Rijeka.

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very good!!!
The walls are built differently and very tall, i loved the columns carvings and the colour of the exterior and interior,
The Monastery of St. Jerome is a famous tourist attraction for tourists. From the small town of New York, my husband and I went on a vacation to the place and stayed there for 2 days. We saw amazing places like the Main Cloister, Museum, Church, and several monuments that are spread across the premises. It was an unforgettable experience as we savored local delicacies and met new people.
The portoguese gothic architecture utilized in the construction of the church helped mantain the cultural significance the location holds. I loved touring around the monstery and taking in the beautiful ambience.
The garden leading to the monastery was well maintained and colorful, and the history about it worthwhile, they did a good job with the place
Fine piece of architecture, great lighting and calm environment and the tour guide was very friendly
Beautiful monastery that I visited and it had an amazing architectural building with beautiful interior art that looked lovely and a tower that looked amazing.
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