Telascica Nature Park


Telascica Nature Park is located on Dugi otok, and is characterized by lush Mediterranean vegetation with over 400 plant species, among which numerous rare and endemic plants have been recorded. About 250 plant and 300 animal species live in the underwater nature park.Also, Telashchica is home to island donkeys (of which only 14 remain today).This nature park is symbolized by three phenomena:Namely, the entire Telashchica Bay, one of the largest natural harbors in the entire Adriatic, within which there are 6 islands and cliffs, 25 bays and 69 km of indented coastline.Another phenomenon of the park is the definitive salt lake - Peace with healing mud.Here is the small island of Katina, and the most unusual Hrid Taljurić with its geomorphological features. Numerous archeological finds tell us about the population of Telashchica from ancient times.Telashchica offers a lot to its visitors, so here you can go on organized nature tours, cruises, water sports, diving, fishing, cycling, and we also offer traditional seafood specialties in several restaurants in the Park.

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very good!!!
There are numerous outdoor activities one could take part in while visiting this nature park. There were cycling trails, several watersports and diving among others. Seeing the different species of plants was so therapeutic.
My friends and i took a quick ride in the bicycles in the morning and rode through the trails along the hills observing the nature. We then engaged in water sports later in the lake, it was an awesome activity. The boat rides were also exceptional
The traditional seafood specialities in the hotel park were cooked good. The views from there were awesome, also at the bay the island the view of the islands were good. The salt lake was also a wonderful sight.