Island of Kosara


The Island of Kosara is an uninhabited islet near the southwest coast of the island of Pasman. The surface of the island is unindented and bare. There is a lighthouse on the south side. Next to the islet is a fish farm.

№459 in Islands of Croatia

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We toured the fish farm and the hosts were friendly to us, they even cooked some fish for us. the lighthouse was well lit at night setting the party mood for us. We also bought some fish as souvenirs and my friends liked them, they even requested me to tag them along in my next visit.
I came to this place and found a fishing farm. I loved watching the fishermen fish here. I got a chance to name different types of fish. The local fish dishes were such a delicacy. I enjoyed this vacation.
A small island with a fish farm. I enjoyed the tour to the lighthouse, and the view from the lighthouse was beautiful, just an endless sea of blue stretching over the horizon. The fish farm visit offered a chance to learn a couple of interesting things about rearing fish. A short but interesting visit.
very good!!!