Island of zizanj


The island of Zhizhanj is an uninhabited island in the Zadar archipelago. It is an oasis of untouched nature and a crystal clear sea. There is a restaurant on the island, but there is no shop, so everything you need you should get before arrival. There are also no cars on the island, and it is only possible to get there by boat. Nearby is the Kornati National Park.

№552 in Islands of Croatia

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very good!!!
The beauty of this island is so breathtaking. I enjoyed every moment I spent on this Island. Swimming in its waters was so splendid and magical. It waters were so clean and this spot was ideal for romantic private getaways.
Remarkable island with awesome couple of restaurants that served some traditional meals and other amazing dishes to enjoy. We had some freshly prepared delicious sea food and some wine too that was superb.
Interesting nature that the island holds and lots of amazing things to see when we had the boat cruise across the island. Stunning views of the sea and refreshing experience at the island that is memorable.