Muline is another hamlet of Ugljan on the island of the same name. It has many beautiful beaches, well-maintained trails and also along the coast and inside there are well-kept hiking and biking trails. Boaters also choose Muline as their destination because it has its own port and mooring. Muline is home to the most important archeological site on the island of Ugljan from the 1st century with the remains of a large ancient oil mill producing the famous Liburnian oil, one of the strongest in the Mediterranean, and today a faithful replica of its size.You can reach this place from Zadar by ferry to the island of Ugljan, make a day trip or stay to enjoy the diversity of the whole island.

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very good!!!
I always come here with one aim; relaxation. I always enjoy exploring the entrancing sights while horse riding. The horses here are friendly and very beautiful. Strolling around in this town on a horse always soothes my nerves.
This town is my children's favorite vacation destination. They love the good weather and entertaining activities like cycling and segway rides. This is a good getaway spot for kids to blow off some steam.
My friends and I fell in love with this town on our first trip. Since then we have been visiting on a regular. We always have a blast jet-skiing and parasailing. The adrenaline rush and pristine sea waters views are just bewitching. This town is just magical!
There are lots of interesting water sports in this exceptional town. From kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and even surfing. There is fun for everyone. I look forward to bringing my friends next month.
Muline town is full of fun adventures. The boat excursions are a fantastic time to enjoy the pleasantly warm weather while admiring the adorable sea creatures in the clear waters. I recommend this town to all fun enthusiasts
This is a town that delivers on all fronts. Even the hotels in this place always ensure whenever I visit I stay in luxurious rooms with beach views. I have come to love the locals, especially the waiters who are very outgoing and professional. This town never disappoints.