Krivica Bay


Krivica is a narrow cove located on the southwestern part of the island of Loshinj, overgrown with dense pine forest which protects it from wind gusts. Due to its closed nature, it is an ideal anchorage for anutists in case of bad weather. You will walk from the center of Veli Loshinj over the Veli Loshinj hill Sv. Ivan and the descent to the bay Krivica, need about an hour and a half walk. On the way, be sure to stop on the hill and enjoy the beautiful view of the Lošinj archipelago. On the beach in the sea there is a complex of rocky cascades with rich, diverse flora and fauna, which is definitely a paradise for diving lovers.

There are no additional facilities on this beach, such as renting deck chairs or parasols, or catering facilities, so if you want peace, tranquility and silence, pack your things, have something for lunch and head to Krivica Bay!

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The bay was spectacular, it is about a ten minute drive from the center to the top of the hill, and there is a parking spot before trekking downhill to the bay on the trail, it gives a good view of the islands beyond and is very quiet and peaceful, we never found anyone there and that is what i liked about t, i finally got my own alone time with my spouse.
I am avid diver and to be frank, a one hour and a half walk gives access to the beach itself, before reaching the beach, there is a hill that gives a breathtaking view of the Lošinj archipelago. The beach has diverse flora and fauna that is a definite paradise for divers. The place offers serenity too with a small number of people visiting, best pack some food and drinks as you visit this beach. An interesting experience indeed.
If you're a die hard diver,this is one of the places to visit in your lifetime. In order to get to the beach,you'll have to walk for one and a half hours.There is a hill on the way to the beach with a terrific view of the Lošinj archipelago. The beach's flora and fauna is something you don't see in every beach,diver's paradise. The place is calm ,owing to the few people visiting. Do note that there are no eateries and refreshment joints.Packed food and drink comes in handy.
very good!!!
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