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The main goal of the Blue World Institute is research and protection of the sea and the organisms that live in it, as well as education on the need to preserve the marine ecosystem and endangered marine species. Their research work focuses on large marine vertebrates as their role in the ecosystem is invaluable.
In 2003, the Blue World Institute opened the Losinj Maritime Education Center (LMEC) in Veli Losinj - the first center for this purpose on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. LMEC is the central place for the presentation of the work of the Blue World Institute, and it has become a tourist attraction and educational core in the region. The Center hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as interactive multimedia presentations. Workshops and lectures are regularly held for visitors of various topics and aimed at all age groups. The Blue World Institute continuously strives to improve the program with the latest scientific knowledge and content.
You too can contribute to the protection of the marine environment by applying an environmentally conscious approach and supporting its protection. You can also join the "Adopt a Dolphin" program and support the work of the Blue World Institute through symbolic adoption. If you want to become an adopter, you can do it in person at the Losinj Maritime Education Center in Veli Losinj or online via the Institute's website by choosing the adoption package of your choice.

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Losinj Island

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