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The Apoxyomenos Museum is a unique archaeological and architectural cultural institution in our region, entirely dedicated to one exhibit - a bronze statue of a young athlete Apoxyomenos. The statue was found in the seabed near the island of Loshinj, at a depth of 45 meters, by a tourist from Belgium in 1997. Apoxyomenos was extracted from the sea in 1999, at the bottom of which it lived for almost two millennia.
The Apoxyomenos Museum tells the story of an athlete of perfect body proportions in an original way, a work of art that impresses with its integrity and beauty of performance. The bronze Greek statue of Apoxyomenos is dated to the 2nd or 1st century BC. Kr., And its name comes from the word Apoxyomenos, the Greek name for depicting an athlete who cleanses himself of oil, sweat and sand after exercise or competition. The athlete from Loshinj was shown cleaning his scraper, it was preserved in its entirety, only the little finger of his left hand and eyes and the scraper were missing, and a part of the original bronze base was still attached to the foot of his right foot. artifact, a unique archaeological find on the Adriatic and its story, was opened in May 2016 in the Kvarner Palace in the center of Mali Loshinj. During almost two decades from its extraction from the sea to its return to Loshinj, the beautiful ancient sculpture became a symbol and trademark of the island of Loshinj.

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Riva lošinjskih kapetana 13, 51550, Mali Lošinj


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