Underwater Archaeological Park


Underwater historical park in Mali Loshinj is located within the diving center DIVE POINT CHIKAT located in the bay Chikat, approximately 1 km from the center of Mali Loshinj.
The exhibition of the park consists of a total of 11 different exhibits that testify to the rich history of the island and its region, set at a depth of 5 to 15m. Among the exhibits are replicas of cannons from the 16th century, replicas of ancient amphorae, anchors from the 4th or 5th century, Venetian cannons, machine guns from the 2nd. World War II, and the biggest attraction of the underwater park is certainly a replica of the ancient bronze statue of the athlete "Apoxyomenos" from the 2nd-1st century. before Christ, a kind of symbol of Mali Loshinj. A replica of the Apoxyomenos is set in an upright life-size position, and the entire trail for touring the park is about 300m.

The park can be visited by all licensed divers, and due to the relatively small depth at which the exhibits are placed, accompanied by a diving instructor from the diving center, people who do not have diving experience can dive into the park through the so-called "Discovery dive" program. The lower age limit for a Discovery diva is 12 years, while there is no upper limit, provided the person does not have any major health problems.

The park is open daily from May 1 to October 30 from 8:00 to 20:00

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Čikat bb, 51550, Mali Lošinj


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