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Mali Losinj is said to be the pearl of the Kvarner Bay and a top tourist destination in Croatia. Mali Lošinj has about 6000 inhabitants, and it is interesting to mention that it is the largest island town on the Adriatic.Its beginnings date back to the 12th century when it gradually became a port. At the end of the 19th century, the healing effects of the island's climate were discovered by Austro-Hungarian researchers. Thus, the island of Loshinj was transformed into a fashionable health resort of the Viennese aristocracy and business elite.Today, Mali Losinj is an excellent example of a place in Croatia that strives for sustainable tourism. The city is a perfect blend of beautiful architecture and nature, and although here you can relax from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, you will also find some nice things to do and see.

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I still reminisce about taking evening walks along this island. The streets are very clean and the scenic views next to the ocean were very relaxing.
I recommend Mali Losinj as a summer destination for all. We came here as a family and we had a really good time and learned a lot especially in the museums. It was such a delightful trip.
Mali Losinj Island is a haven for meditation lovers with all its lovely atmosphere and fresh air. I gained a lot of insights while meditating and the deep breathing exercises rejuvenated my health. I will surely visit very soon.
This island matched the expectations of my very active kids and they enjoyed cycling around the island on the well-maintained cycling paths. I highly recommend it for families with kids.
The island has great beautiful spots to explore and adventurous activities to match. I really enjoyed boat riding and kayaking and I fell in love with its water sporting activities.
Mali Losinj has very exciting hiking paths and we enjoyed the great views at the nature trails. This place is picture perfect and my friends had an exciting time taking cute photos.
The clear waters at the Island beaches offered perfect opportunities to watch dolphins play in the ocean. My small boys had a great time playing with them. Mali Losinj is the perfect weekend getaway!