Punta Kriza


Punta Kriza is the green pride of Loshinj's rich flora and fauna.Nowhere on the island are there so many forests, true Mediterranean landscapes, green meadows and beautiful sea views. Deep and sheltered coves call you for their intimacy and are safe protection by boat.Punta Kriza is a landscape of perfect peace.There are shops, a tavern serving local cuisine and a tourist clinic, and the offer of well-organized and well-kept private accommodation is enriched by two nearby places.

№445 in Reserves and woodlands of Croatia

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(6 reviews)
My friends and I had a wonderful time in this town. The 4WD offroad tours were just amazing as we sampled all the interesting sites in this town. The drivers were very cheerful and superfun. It's a fun town.
This town is perfect for the whole family. The sandy beaches were nice even for the kids to swim. It was an amazing trip and we can't wait to be back.
There are lots of adventures in this town. We went on boat trips and later visited the beautiful restaurants. We loved the delicious seafood. They were perfectly prepared with high levels of hygiene. It's a wonderful town.
We really enjoyed our trip to this lovely town. My kids and I loved the walks to the art museums where we admired the nice collections on display. It was a splendid experience.
It's a vibrant town with a lot of fun. My girlfriend and I enjoyed the water sports. The speed at which we were skiing made the experience amazing. I highly recommend it.
very good!!!