Votive cross at Fumak


On a stone pedestal, on a small hill in Porat, stands a large wooden cross with the bronze sculpture of the crucified Christ on its front. This is no remnant of the old times; it is, instead, a display of faith and gratitude built by Petar Trp in the year 2000 after miraculously recovering from injuries he had sustained during his time in Australia.

This cross itself was built by artist Pavle Hudek and is the largest wooden cross in Europe. This location is one of the stops on The Camino Krk route as well as the hiking trail you can take through Malinska and the surrounding villages. The trail has been marked so you won’t have trouble finding it, and when you reach it you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view of the shoreline, the sea and the Kvarner Bay.

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Krk Island

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51511, Porat


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