In the bay of Sepen, near Omishalj, are the remains of Fulfinium, a city of veterans of the Roman army, founded in the 1st century AD.

On the outskirts of this ancient city, an imposing early Christian complex (Mirine) was built in the 5th century.

It is unknown when and how the great civilization of Fulfinium calmed down, but it is assumed that its insecurity on the coast contributes to that. At the time of the migration of the people, the inhabitants of Fulfinium took refuge in a naturally protected settlement on an 85-meter-high cliff, where life still flows today.

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very good!!!
My husband and I visited the archeological heritage site. The good geographical position saw the development of trade and seafaring in the place.
Eating the best sea food and European Cuisine was amazing. I was satisfied enough to my desired level. Wonderful
I loved how the place is rich in history with the ruins and nature creating a beautiful environment. Our guides made our visit worthwhile as they left "no stone unturned"
Its positioning near the ocean make it a great site to visit and relax. Its unique structure is also worth visiting in person to experienceall its hidden wonders as I realized.
Beautiful place and the view is wonderful with a lot of ruins. I attended the concert in the evening and the experience was fantastic and unforgettable.
The compartmentalization of the area in the early century by soldiers who hid during various wars is quite fascinating. I saw numerous rooms and secret doors that were used
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