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A small place at the foot of a mountain dating back to the Middle Ages which was then a church property, today is a tourist place with mostly private accommodation capacity with landscaped beaches in a small stone village surrounded by a pine forest.

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public beach



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Obala 15-17, 51264, Jadranovo


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this is a private beach found at the foot of a mountain and we really wanted some privacy and this was just perfect. We set out to explore the forest trails and would recommend this to anyone looking for an active holiday.
Serene beach that was refreshing and great for our vacation. The natives are hospitable and the weather was lovely. The pine forest offered a great she at the beach as we enjoyed the scenic views of the sea. The beach is private and not crowded so much that allowed us to have a remarkable time.
The private accommodations here are neat and well maintained. The hosts are friendly and are kind enough to serve at a command. In the morning, i loved watching the sun rays dazzle on the water from the window of my rented room.
Cool blue waters and the green pine forest are the highlight of this amazing beach that sits at the foot of a mountain. It is mostly crowded, with lots of people both local and international tourists flocking the destination for an amazing out of the ordinary experience. Just remember to carry some sunscreen and a parasol incase the heat from the sun is unbearable.
The view of the beach from the landscape was exquisite. The landscape also gave us a magnificent panoramic view of the small stone village. Bring a drink as you enjoy the views.
very good!!!
Jadranovo is a very clean beach. My friends and I liked the overwhelming sense of beach that is spacious enough. Amazing.
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