Kijevo is a small village, located in a fertile valley between the mountains of Dinara and Svilaja. Nearby is the highest peak of the Dinara and Croatia - Sinjevo, and the sources of the rivers Cetina and Krka.

The village was first mentioned in the 14th century under the name Kij. Archaeological remains from the Paleolithic, Late Neolithic and Illyrian periods speak of the long history of the population of this area. There are numerous remains of late antique architecture, early Christian church and old Croatian graves, and the old cemetery with stećak tombstones.

Kijevo was badly damaged during the Homeland War in 1991 and is still recovering.

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From the peak of Pinara and Croatia, there are magnificent views of the sources of the rivers. Remains of late antique architecture and old Croatian graves are some sights to behold while here. Am glad to know of the rich history of this place.
There's a great rich history to listen , learn and love and is evidenced by the archaeological remains from the Paleolithic, Late Neolithic and Illyrian period. I loved how the tour guide elaborated everything to us. The fact that Kijevo is found between two mountains, attributes to its scenic beauty.
very good!!!
The location of the village between the two mountains itself is fascinating and something to marvel at. I loved the aerial view of the place and its beauty is unmatched. A great place to visit.
The village gets its lively attractions from the mother nature. As an agriculture expert , the rich agricultural techniques and farming methods used was very motivating. Very educative.
The architectural art and designs of the buildings did much of the talking. The early churches had a unique interior design and decor that a was outstanding from the other churches. A good place to visit.
The village is richness in archaeological history fascinated me as a History major student. I visited the old Croatian grave and the cemetery to pay my respects to the fall souls. An amazing place to learn history .