Knin is a town in Shibenik-Knin County, located in the Dalmatian hinterland near the source of the river Krka, an important traffic junction on the railway and road routes between Zagreb and Split. Knin has twice stood out in history, as the capital of the medieval Kingdom of Croatia. called the Royal City and, briefly, the unrecognized self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina during the Croatian War of Independence from 1991 to 1995.
The location that is now today's Knin, or more precisely, the hill Spas, has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Near present-day Knin was once the town of Burnum, which served as a Roman military camp in the 1st century BC.

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My kids and I are captivated by this city. We always visit regularly and love renting trendy apartments with their clean and spacious rooms. The cool breezes from the sea and gardens make for some really restful nights. What a city!
The lovely city of Knin has some astonishingly beautiful rivers. My friends and I enjoyed canyoning along the river admiring all the lush vegetation, trees, and scenic views. We afterward had picnics that were so much fun. I recommend this city to every nature lover.
This city is just perfect for a relaxing vacation. My wife and I especially loved the waterfalls found here and we had the time of our lives taking splendid photos that I still admire. The experience in this spectacular city was just memorable!
My boys and I took a trip to this city. It turned out to be a very memorable trip for us. Being ancient civilizations lovers, We really admired the ancient military camps and amphitheaters. I found this city very fascinating.
My friends and I had a terrific time here in Knin. We especially found the outdoor bars very relaxing as they had magical scenic views of the sea. The panoramic views at night, while enjoying a glass of wine and grilled fish are just unforgettable.
I enjoyed my trip to Knin immensely. I loved visiting the family-owned libraries that had very old and rare books that I enjoyed reading a lot. The peace and quiet left me feeling very serene and deeply relaxed.
Knin city is such a lovely town. I always look forward to vacationing here. I find the boat trips very relaxing as the surroundings are very lush and quiet. I call Knin my peace haven where I experience deep tranquility.