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Krka National Park is located about 10 km inland from the city of Shibenik, and stretches from the foot of the Dinaric chain all the way to the Adriatic Sea. It is named after the beautiful river Krka, and covers an area of ​​just over 142 square kilometers, covering as much as two thirds of the river itself.This national park will captivate you with its pristine natural beauty and magical waterfalls as well as numerous historical facilities and attractive places for swimming and relaxation. The biggest attraction of the park are definitely the magnificent waterfalls, which are also a karst phenomenon. Namely, for thousands of years, river water has created a canyon in places bringing calcium carbonate that makes up tufa.Famous and interesting attractions of the park include various landscaped hiking trails, dynamic boat trips that are great for sightseeing the park, souvenir shops, a museum and restaurants with local specialties. Also, you can come across several remains of fortresses in the immediate vicinity of the park that date back even to Roman times.Best of all, it is possible to swim in some locations in the Krka National Park!

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National park Krka
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National park Krka
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National park Krka
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(8 reviews)
It was a haven for my kids, they swam and even relaxed under the umbrella shades. We carried lots of souvenirs back home from the souvenir shop. It was awesome hiking on the landscaped hiking trails found here.
The park was the best place to spend for our vacation. We toured the waterfall, watched the water flow and even took a photo by the sides. We had an unforgettable trip, we had lots of sights to see from the park.
very good!!!
My fiance and I loved taking morning walks along the riverside, the cool air in the atmosphere had way of preparing us for the day. Later we would have romantic picnics as we watched the sun set. It was very romantic.
We were looking for a place to shoot our film and the park was efficient. The waterfalls in the park are phenomenal that it acted as a prefer backdrop in our film . The place gives you an earthly experience of heaven.
I love diving and the clear blue seas charmed my way through it. The view down there is astounding, the aquatic life gives another beauty to the surrounding. I got to collect a number of coral reefs to take back home.
This park had the most amazing amenities for me. The flowers and the chipping birds made me feel relaxed. I loved the fresh air and felt good when I saw squirrels and rabbits cross my path. It was amazing to be here.