On the remains of the Liburnian hillfort and the ancient city of Varvara during the early Middle Ages, the old Croatian Bribir developed, which was succeeded by the disappearance of the Croatian national dynasty by the powerful Croatian princes Shubichi Bribirski. century set dynasties for the kings of the former Croatian kingdom.
Bribir is located 14 kilometers northwest of Skradin. Discovered archaeological finds in this area can be continuously traced from the Late Bronze Age, through antiquity, the Middle Ages to the Modern Age. During the reign of Shubich, the church of St. John and the Franciscan monastery with the church of St. Marija, where Banus Šubić and his family are buried. Bribir was strategically important in the Middle Ages because, together with the Ostrovica fortress, it controlled an important road from Knin to Zadar. This place enjoys the protection status of the highest category due to several archaeological and historical layers.

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