Skradinski Buk


Skradinski Buk is a set of 17 waterfalls whose height are over 45 meters. It is the longest and most visited waterfall on the river Krka, it is one of the most famous natural beauties of Croatia. The waterfall is formed by travertine barriers, islands and lakes. They can be seen all year round thanks to a network of trails and bridges that allow for a pleasant and safe walk. The Skradinski Buk site can be entered at the Lozovac entrance, and from April to October, free transport from the entrance to Skradinski Buk by buses organized by NP Krka is provided for individual visitors. The second entrance is in Skradin, from where from April to November visitors are transported by boat according to the established schedule organized by NP ‘Krka’. The price of the boat and bus for individual visitors is included in the ticket price. Lovers of nature and walking can reach Skradinski Buk from the Lozovac entrance in ten minutes, on an 800 m long walking path, or from the direction of Skradin, a 4 km long path, which is also a bicycle path. In the Branch Office in Skradin you can see the multimedia hall, where you will get to know the National Park Krka and want to see other contents besides Skradinski Buk.

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