Church of the Holy Cross


The Church of the Holy Cross in Shibenik was built in 1608. Legend has it that at the beginning of the 15th century, a cross from Lake Prokljan floated to this part of the city. The locals placed it in the small church of Our Lady. The church was consecrated in 1421, and in 1483 it was named St. Cross. Today's church is located next to the old church, which is thus incorporated into the new building. It was built from the voluntary contributions of the citizens of the whole of Shibenik, due to the importance of the Cross. On the Renaissance façade is a rosette with medallions of the Twelve Apostles. Inside are three chapels with three altars. On the main altar is the miraculous Cross.

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Ulica Svetog križa 16, 22000, Šibenik


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