Cathedral of St. Jacob in sibenik


Shibenik's Cathedral of St. James, now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the architectural highlights of the Dalmatian coast. Begun in the early 15th century, this great cathedral took more than 100 years to complete under the initial guidance of Venetian architect Antonio Dalla, and the responsibility later passed to the sculptor Jurc Dalmatinac, and then to Nikola Firentinac.
Various styles were incorporated during construction, including the Gothic lower level and the Renaissance upper level. One of the most interesting features is the exquisite frieze on the outside of the apse with more than 70 unique faces representing ordinary people from the 15th century.

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Trg Republike Hrvatske 1, 22000, Šibenik


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very good!!!
The architectural designs here are breathtaking and worth an eye. It made me learn of different architectural designs and also appreciate the space of architectures
This is a cathedral of incredible beauty, both inside and out.
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